Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Fully Present

Sunday was our last full day together - we hit repeat on our other days.
When beach, pool, sun, sand, surf, family, reading, relaxing, sea views, and laughs have worked all the other days - no need to make a change.

These boys have certainly learned to relax when at the condo!  Enjoying a free movie from Amazon Prime...
I don't have a ton of photos from this day...only means that we were FULLY PRESENT for each other.
That is something to love.

Our very front row beach chairs, it looks cloudy in these pics.
It may have been but I don't remember that, we had great weather!

DH bought some $3 intertubes down at the Walmart (ha) - huge hit.
They were a great change from the boogie boards and
allowed the boys to float and ride the waves (er seaweed)

Big Smiles, Big.

Beach bum.

And we finished our time with The Callahans+ at McGuires - where else?
Noah LOVED the steak.  So do we...how could you not!  Sam and I split one...well I mostly ate side items - insert the kid stealing your food emoji.  There should be one.

These are my people.  What a perfect trip.
That's all.