Summer Tuesday

We had some fun on a Summer Tuesday.
We are not choosy...we will take fun anyday it comes our way.
A day off meant fun times for the Graber's.

We picked up Sam's friend Luke and headed to SkyZone.

They pretty much spent their time on the dodge ball court.
They came off sweaty and smiley and ready for Steak and Shake!

A quick stop at Hobby Lobby for Morgan Ann's shower this weekend
and they were in the pool and playing video games and in the pool again...
that is how the day rolls!

DH came home so the boys could continue to fun,
 I headed to work for a quick 2 hour end of the day shift 
(making up time for coverage I had last week for the Bomber Pool party from my friend Hanna - so thankful for other mama's to trade shifts with - we make the summer roll)

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