Announcing Baby Callahan

This picture says it all!
The Callahans' had a big announcement to share
and decided to share it while we were in Florida!
And oh how the plans for this announcement were changed as the day unfolded!

Blake brought BABY balloons from Indiana and had them blown up early in the day on her birthday.
It happened to be pretty windy this day so we headed downstairs with a plan.
Getting to this point was funny...

And then, it happened...on the way out of the door the A got popped.
We had a B flat a B Y...and we were determined to make it work.
We flattened it out and carried on...
we laughed and I imagined that once we got inside and we looked at the pics you wouldn't be able to tell it was flat...

Look how cute they are. 
They have prayed for this, prepared for this and were so excited to share the news!

 And see how that Y is slipping backwards, that wasn't a great thing...
 Yep, the Y slipped away!

And they were great sports....we were a little deflated at this point.

 So we thought we could post a play on words...BB
but then many would think 2 babies...

So we thought maybe these 2 who had never used photoshop before could photoshop...
and sure enough it was the winner...we added a gold a and a gold y....
to announce this Baby that will enter our family~

 We tried another great way to make their announcement...
we could carve it in the sand!
And it worked
 Until...it washed away

We laughed and laughed and the story of making their announcement is one to remember!
We were thrilled to spend a few days away with the expectant parents - to hear their dreams for their new babe, to celebrate the blessing and promises that God has created.
And to reintroduce coffee (decaf) to the once queasy mama and even celebrate with mama as she skipped her morning saltines for 2 days in a row!

And to share with this special niece of mine a verse that brought so much promise to our family.
For this child I have prayed...1 Samuel 1:27

Congratulations Noah and Blake!