Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Tall Enough

Our second day was spectacular.
It began with a great walk with Blake Martina+, love that one on one time.
We were up early and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on the bay side near our condo.
There is a great little park that we have taken the boys to in the off season, it was gorgeous and calm.

And we checked out this new local restaurant located there - it was SO VERY neat.  We told Morgan we had found her destination wedding location!  It was closed tho and we didn't make it back.  Possibly next trip.  It is in an area that is being revitalized, hoping that it does take off!
This picture has me cracking up.  We had been to HarborWalk the night before and parking is a premium - Dan was saying that Blake or I could get out and save him a spot...and we were all like with all this traffic - no way!
He was telling is that he would blah blah..so he texted saying he was on the way back from a Starbucks (yum) and Krispy Kreme run so we texted him a picture in the parking garage(as a joke there were enough spots)...turd pulled right past her and into the spot beside this one!

It was a sun filled day so we were at the circle pool (our favorite spot) bright and early before it was crowded.  I am thinking the sleeper on our trip (Noah) was thinking that we were crazy for being up early everyday - we tried to let him sleep (ha, we probably were not very quiet).  

We played a lot of keep away in the pools.

And had a lot of dunk sessions.
We swam until lunch time a brought down all the fixings to enjoy grilled burgers and hot dogs for lunch.  We had great food this week, but this might have been Blake Martina+'s favorite.
She wanted grilled hot dogs - and the leftovers were off limits to the rest of us!
I LOVE grilling and eating by the pool.
I made some mac and cheese and we had Doritos
 (we ate a lot of Doritos this trip, we don't usually have those around).
This meal rated as a favorite for me as well. 
Shade, family, pool, great food, funny conversation, relaxed - yep, it was a favorite!

And this, our forever baseball playing boy was begging for grounders in the condo because the 
floor was perfect for tough ones!  

Our trek to the beach worked out great - the waves were rough and beat the boogie boarders up a bit.
They kept on!

This quiet boy does not cheer to go down to the beach, but get him there and he comes alive.
Covered in sand and rolling in the ocean waves, he loves every bit.
I love watching him.

We cleaned up and decided to head to the BackPorch for dinner.
This is one we usually skip,so it was fun to go back again.
We waited a bit longer than their estimation, but were rewarded with great food and excellent service.
Seriously, that place is SO BIG.  Our dinner views were great and they were so efficient.
Our seafood loving family was not disappointed!
We walked over to the candy store next door and watched them making taffy.

And LOVED {wink} on each other while the "hangry" attitudes surfaced...

And for all of that waiting for food and for Joe waiting several years and several trips to The Track...
he was finally TALL ENOUGH to drive the go carts on his own!
He was pumped.  He drove a little timid at first but hung right in there...
he did get spun out and caused a red caution...wondered how he would feel about that.
He loved it, can't wait to go again.

The wooden track required a taller driver, so he partnered with dad.

Sam is two rows in in blue hat, Noah is behind him.
They raced and loved it.
Came off with stories about every lap...Blake+ and I enjoyed watching this time!