The Hip Barn Roof -3 Point Line

DH and the boys acted on a wild hair to paint a 3 point line on the drive way.
There was not much planning...none to be exact.
I cringed.
They carried on...
and laughed and worked together
created our new addition...
The "Hip-Barn Roof 3 Point Line"

I cannot.  
But, it is only a drive way they said
practiced their 3 pointers for a long while after, and many days since.
And they are very proud of their new 3 point line.

Maybe it will grow on me..or fade over time.
Or maybe it will last for years to come and remind me of that day we acted on a wild hair.
One thing is for certain...there is no other 3 point line just like ours.
Be jealous.

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