The Most of Long Summer Days

Many of our summer days have looked like...
And see how that says Work 8-7 for mama...
well the DH is working too
so we are VERY thankful for a Grandma who will stand in the gap.
I take pics and send her our schedule...and thankfully this was the fullest of our summer days.
This morning the boys had their pile ready for Grandma when she came to pick them up!

Basketball, Tennis, Golf and Baseball.
But, with all of that we are soaking up the best of summer!
There has been time for
Learning Bible Verses - poolside!
And baking special treats 

And marking our states that we have traveled to map.
We've settled into summer and are cherishing
it's early sunrises and late sunsets.
Fitting in the best of all that we love.
Summer is spirit animal, ha!

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Blake Callahan said...

So so busy but love that you make time for other things too :).