Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Summer Begins

We packed up a day early (gasp) and headed North.
The forecast included some rain for the day and the farmer said Indiana was calling...
We drove in rain for part of the day which made the travels less inviting but leaving much easier!
Our seasoned haulers.  They loaded up our cart and away we went.

One broken lounge chair (that we were too tight to throw away because of a simple but requiring tools fix...it is now sitting still broken by our pool), one sleeping 9 year old, and one mom, smell my feet 11 year old.  It made for an interesting ride home.
He wrote in his journal about the trip on our way home.
He kept asking....and what about this day. 
 I said, why didn't you journal each day so you could remember?
Well, I was busy doing those things to write about!  Truth.

This guy was all about being home.  I think this was the next morning because we rolled 
in at 420p and were at the little league field by 515 for a game!
He had out all of his summer calendars from the school lunch to the library activities
and we agreed on rules for screen time for home and grandma's house.
Although, to date we have not needed nor had time to enforce those rules because it has been FULL
since being home...I keep saying July is slower - we shall see!