Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Beach Morning

Beach mornings are hard to pass up and this Thursday was no exception.
Those clean white sands were calling - letting it sift thru our toes is a favorite.
This was Noah's first trip and we had to introduce the baseball
 (Cubs fan nonetheless) to baseball on the beach.

It was pretty windy and Red flags flew this day -
 sun was shining bright so we were pleased with that!

The waves were rough and wore a person out quick this day, but not before
Noah got him self a belly burn on the sand!

Great day for building castles and digging deep holes.

It has been awhile since they posed willingly for a snapshot for mom.
My heart swells.

Sam and I loved playing in the ocean.  I cannot make a trip without getting in...
sea grass was high toward the end of this trip - but no matter to me - the ocean heals!

Joe and I love to build, our castle creation!
LOVE these two+, so glad they could join us.

I don't know what we were laughing at, likely Joe but I love the joy. 

Up for lunch and this view.  So perfect.