Little League Wrap Up

Little League wrapped up for the season on a beautiful Monday night!
It was a tough loss in the first tournament game for this undefeated regular season team.
There weren't many words to soothe the sting,
but rest assured there is always something to be learned.
There was some controversy in the game, twice - and both times Joe as in the middle of it...
I was nervous (and frustrated) for him!
But, following the loss he bounded right to the front of line and was the first to shake
the opponents'  (er, friends) hands. 
And, like it is so many times, mama learned from her 9 year old's reaction.

He played his heart out and pitched as hard as he could.
And he hopped in the car and said that he had learned from a book about
 Jackie Robinson that it was OK to lose.
And we got some DQ and called DH (who had to leave for a meeting at church)
for a little extra reassurance...and he was back up at the field watching games on Tuesday night - love him!