Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Sea Grass

Again, the early bird gets the pool to herself!
I read a couple of books this trip.
Hands Free Mama was a great reminder about putting down the devices AND planners.
We have such a short time with these kiddos and our spouses.  
We must make the best of every moment and make sure our kids and spouses know we are fully present to them.

I also read The Shack - I was not as much of a fan of this book.  It was an ok read for me...great message but the middle of the book was pretty heavy for a vacation read!

It wasn't long until the crew came down...
and the teasing began.
Lots of teasing and picking....

We were trying to convince him to relax and float - we just keep getting nervous giggles.

Love love love this and them.
I love this, too.  

Trying to get Sam to drag them all around the pool...the laughs!

the great joy...

Fun Fun Fun Times at the condo this trip!
That face!

We enjoyed leftover burgers, hot dogs, and restaurant goodies for lunch and made the most
of another beach day with The Callahans+ in the ocean!

It was also the day of The June Sea Grass...
oh man, that is a nice term for Sea Weed.
There had been a storm before we came and it brought in MUCH sea weed...
the most we had seen.
It was pretty ick...but it didn't stop our ocean goers!
You can tell the ocean is much more green than our pretty blue!
And if you would have seen the showers from the seaweed stuck in swim trucks...ha!

We cleaned up (a bit, I mean we were headed to HelenBack Cafe for Nachos and Pizza)
and it is ultra casual there, ha!

Enjoyed some competition and laughs at the Foosball tables.  
Even so festive dancing from Blake and Sam...

It would have been nice to sit outside this trip and enjoy the bay but the Sun was setting and it was smoking hot on the deck so we chose inside...boys feed the fish before we left.
We have quarters in hand for the Helenback Night!

And then it was back to relax the night away and have Dan's milkshakes and game night.
Noah obviously did not like Joe's rules.  We had a Mancala and Connect Four night.
Blake thought Dan's rules on Mancala were wrong too.
I was out early in both tournaments, so I just sat back and watched the rivalry!
And that white piece of paper right there...that was our tournament draw - Joe filled it out to the end!