Memories Made on Okaloosa Island || Perfect Ending

We made our last day on Okaloosa Island count.
We were beachside EARLY and found us some prime spots
for reading on the beach.  He loves to read, I'm just teaching him to do it on the beach!

The day was perfection.
The waves were fun and the sea grass was still there, but the whole family jumped in anyway!
We laughed and enjoyed the waves.

The perfect view from behind my boy of the beach and my other boy.
I dreamed of how this would look one day - I could not have put it together the way God had it planned -blessed.

Those smiles.

Of course I had to fit in a PB and Banana toast sandwich!

And finish up this book...
And call the boys down for $1 snocones poolside!
Noah sent Joe a snapchat - he was back at work/school.  He must be smart.
We are pretty proud of him going to work and school right now!

Apparently Joe also had Nutty Bars - vacation much?!?

Last treck past this path.  I love this place and the peace and refreshing it provides my soul!

And a trip to the condo would not be complete without Pompano Joe's - just ask our Joe.
He would not have it any other way,either!

Simple perfection, seating right along the shore.
Joe snapped this pic.  I adore it.
And our tableside view, love them.
Regge rolls and sweet tea.  Cannot be beat.  Followed by an Amberjack Sandwich...yes please.
And getting that perfect picture at this age...

Look at that!  My heart swells.  

And then there is a mandatory stop at Books A Million.  
We could spend a long while here, tonight it was a brief visit.
And then there was this red light on as we passed the KK....
the workers were SO Friendly with the the boys and added and extra donut for them to enjoy.

 I found these gems to replace those ol palms that we had grown tired of...love the way they turned out!
Exactly one week at the condo was what the doctor ordered.  Been back for 2 weeks, and can still feel the sand between my toes.  It was the perfect start to our summer!