6th Grade Tourney

Sam had his first 6th grade basketball tourney this summer.
6th grade!
He has been enjoying summer basketball camp and now open gym twice weekly.
They were invited to fill in a spot in a tourney one Monday so DH packed him up
and they spent the day playing ball.
They played very well advancing to the finals - they didn't win the whole tourney though.

I received 2 pics for the day.

And they were both priceless.
This one goes down as my all time favorite of big Sam.
Look at that smile.
  He had been asking for a certain video game
and was willing to purchase 1/2 - dad took him to get the game after
they lost the game as a surprise.
He was a tid bit pleased...and enjoyed Steak and Shake with dad for supper!

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Blake Callahan said...

Keep that last picture forever lol!!!