Golf Camp - Sam

Sam was very excited to do summer golf camp this year at Country Oaks.
{He was not as happy about having his picture taken.}

He joined right in with the others and apparently loved it.
After day 2 he asked if he could join the second week of camp and he was prepared.
He knew it would cost 10 more dollars AND he would have to ask Grandma to take him a couple days and he would take care of both.
He is not our planner so he had put some thought into convincing us to continue.
It wasn't hard to say yes!

One of his favorite things was the fountain pop they got everyday during their break.
His group even made the paper, he is in blue shorts in background!
The second week there were double the kids and a few girls joined in

He has been chipping some shots in the yard and putting in his bedroom.
Seems to love it so far!

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