Bible Memory Camp || Full Soap But Full Hearts

The boys just returned from a great time at Bible Memory Camp.
We packed them up last weekend and check and doubled checked their list.
I packed plenty of clothes {some came home never touched}
I packed plenty of soap  {it came home nearly full}
I was never so glad to hug those boys and hear how their hearts had been made full
 we picked them up with full soap bottles and full hearts - I will take it!

Monday morning as I headed to work DH headed to take these two and cousin Tyson
over to Camp Indicoso for a great week!

Mama picked up an extra shift while the boys were away, so it was already a full week here
 when the flu bug hit our house - ugh!  Needless to say, fitting in work and managing sickness
did not leave for much exciting news around the homefront...
but I knew the boys were having a great time. {and have avoided our germs so far since home, yeah}
I stole some action shots from the camp nurse ( Thank You, Tera)

I couldn't find the boys in this picture, but I wanted them to remember group games!

Sam's back in whit shirt and Joe off to the left
 And campfire.  I spy Sam in the blue on the left.
Campfire is Joe's favorite and we spend several days trying to google songs
 that he hears and camp and doesn't know the title.  
Sometimes we are successful - his favorite this year were from Chris Tomlin so far.

And on Thursday with mom and dad on the mend - we drove over for the talent show and kid round up.  We found grandma who has been head cook this week!

Joe did his stick twirling routine again.
And he told me how it had taken 3 days to choose the right stick.
You might imagine the stick made it home with us.
Joe's group won highest points in group games.
And Sam's group won cleanest cabin!
Saying their goodbyes to counselors and cabin mates.
Their cabin this year (one on each side -not together, the peace must be kept)
they had A/C this year!
And boy did they smell like camp on the way home.
Dirty clothes and shoes and wet towels and on the mend parents.
This may have been heard in the truck: Joe, please do not unzip that suitcase one more time, we can not handle that smell!!!!

Thankful for boys who worked hard to learn verses and earn their way to camp.
Thankful for boys who have come home renewed and refreshed and eager to dive in devotions.
Thankful for God who orchestrates all this in His time.