Summer Rolls On!

The last of the schedule snapshots sent to our runner Grandma - I bet she is loving July - no more of these full days!

And this dear soul.  Would you take a look at that sweet thing running grandma's weedeater
in his {slightly} too small muscle shirt and gum boots?
I love these pics taken while I am at work.

And DH squeezed in a project with Cole.
He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a new cedar chest, and while the finished project is distressed white and I don't have a picture - I still wanted to document that he and Cole did great on Cole first big wood project!
And we finished up a new product reset at work and I am loving the uniform look of the new product line!
And this.
Our dear cousin Brittany has been a pretty sick girl this summer
and it all came on pretty sudden about 3 weeks ago.
We love her and her family - were able to squeeze in a great visit at Riley with them
and also now that they have been home.  
It is an encouragement to visit them - despite her meds and oxygen they carry on 
{were watching scary movies when I stopped out on Saturday night like teenagers do}
We are prayerful that God will prepare her body for a transplant as her mom shares below.

Much summer work is fit in between the crops
Grandma and Grandpa poured a new driveway and these guys worked to fill in the sides.
Sam looks so old in this picture.  He worked hard.

And didn't miss an opportunity to practice to basketball when we got home that afternoon.
That hip-barn-roof-three-point line is coming in handy {wink}!
And since it was mom's day off, Joe had a project lined up for her...hanging up his most treasured items.  He had them all laid out and ready!

And just in case you wondered where that baseball champ ring ended up...
it is being guarded by some fierce creatures.
We are always fitting in a swim here and there.
Joe and I played dive sticks this day.
Nothing that I love more than a relaxing few minutes in the water with ma' boys!
We celebrated Andre's 15th birthday with him a the city pool.
They has swam just the right amount of time when a storm came thru and forced us all together in the building -perfect time for presents and snacks!