Captured Memories Summer 2017

This post is full of random phone pictures
may be some
the best memories in the future years.

I LOVE summer visits from my boys.
It is tough to be away from them so many hours during my work weeks.
DH sees them a lot at Grandmas and they enjoy farm summer days..
but this mama treasures these summer visits.
And this day, silly was the theme,
they were on opposite sides of the swinging door entertaining each other...

And talk about crazy - after a farm water fight
in Grandpa Great's kitchen - towel drying!

And DH promised Sam ice cream after one of Joe's baseball tourneys and he forgot...
so it became the promise of a large blizzard any time say wanted to redeem it. He at the whole thing, never looked back - favorite flavor M&M

Love these daily reminders!!!

And a couple of my favorites at work - Menthol Kleenex (weird I know), my brown eyed susans
and smell good lotion!

And my very favorite - my niece Jaelyn spent a shift with me to see what pharmacy was like!
LOVED that.  I send to Blake and Morgan to see if we could make them jealous!
We added a new air fryer to our kitchen.
We've had fun trying new recipes in it...
chicken, pork, steak, burgers - it is quick and convenient and no oil needed!
We've discovered that suddenly the boys can play Yahtzee independently -when did that happen?
We have had some fierce evening competitions!
Some wedding prep...
And another night of Yahtzee and looks like ice cream, yum!

Many afternoon and evening swims, and this one is always by my side!

Joe won a library drawing and received a cool Lego Set.
We quickly took it apart and rebuilt it!

And a campfire in the basement?
More wedding prep!
3 weeks out...