VBS 2017

I can't believe I hadn't posted about VBS yet!
We had fun at bible school this year - can't you tell from my silly grin?
SIL Shannon was the teacher for our K2 group and I was the measly helper.
Some nights I had to work so I was not early to the VBS event, ha!

These kiddos were fun though, been awhile since I had a Kindergartner = they were most satisfied by our simple puppet show.  I loved that they knew I was the puppet but still wanted to believe the puppet was real.  

I remembered that Chris had a Break the Ice game and it perfectly filled in the gaps during one of the sessions.  It provided a lot of giggles.

I made a simple igloo, seen here, to help with the room decorations.

This was simply cardboard trimmed with a box cutter, white spray paint,
 and blue painters tape!

We were very proud of Joe for his resolve in learning his lesson verses AND a challenge section of verses to earn a special Walmart gift card.  Since there were not many that were able to do it, he earned a total of $20 in gift cards.  We fit in practice that week whenever we could. #poolside
Sam baked chocolate chip cookies to take to the VBS program and picinc.
After Joe recited his verses, he had 2 items in mind to purchase with his gift cards.
He chose a Rubix cube
and I added a few dollars so he could also get pictionary -he and Sam have played well on long summer days!

We cherish VBS week!

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