Stoll Reunion 2017 || Brown County State Park

The Bi-Annual Stoll Reunion is in the books!
Our family was forced to squeeze it in between work and baseball
with the exception of Sam, he went with Grandma and Grandpa for the whole weekend!
From his accounts, it was fabulous and he asked for more of the food on Monday {after the reunion}.

This set of siblings {plus 2 others} has created quite a legacy for our family.
Togetherness is important to them
 if they plan it...the rest will come.

This is a come as you are family.
A family with little judgement and a whole lot of love and acceptance
created on the love of God and fierce loyalty to those God has made your family.
It is a family where you can pull a chair up beside anyone and have a meaningful conversation.
And if you stay long enough it will turn into a laughing wildly and barely audible conversation we call the Stoll Sister Laugh.

Rose, Clara, Ann
Jean, Darla and Darrell 
(Mary was unable come and Danny has passed away)

I arrived late on Saturday, but I wanted to soak up as much Stoll as I could!
Nine Square was a bit hit this evening
From 5 to 60 year olds including myself, it quite fun and draws you in to keep playing!
The premise is simple and anyone can join in!
This is Sam absolute favorite right now!
The meal on Saturday night with BBQ grilled chicken and homemade ice cream.

The Brown County State Park provided a very scenic location.
Excellent trails, nice shelter areas and a lodge with swimming...

There were many games to be played!

And when it got dark we headed back to the lodge
{and Dan and Joe made it in from the Baseball World Series}
and we headed out for a campfire...
In the Lobby:
Covered Bridge as you enter/exit the park
My phone had died...and they smiled or
We enjoyed a great Church Service on Sunday morning.
Enjoyed our singing and Kyle's message...

And I love how these windows appear to be crosses {taken during church service}
Our picture with Grandma and Grandpa

DH and Joe stayed around in the afternoon to swim with cousins
Sam and I headed home to get ready for church that night {the last of my Berea Secretary duties}

What a summer fun filled weekend
full of memories
to last
a lifetime!