The Raber Reunion || Simon J Graber

We also had the Raber (Dan's Paternal Grandma Ida's family) this summer.
Our family was in charge of the reunion..and we are in the English minority in this family.
The majority of the family is still Amish so I tried to be respectful and keep pics to a minimum.

In case you were wondering, we did not go hungry.
This family can bring it || serious sweets at this event.

And the salads/appetizers - the grilled meat, mashed potatoes, noodles, corn and beans were on a whole other counter! It was a rather large group, nearly 200.
Grandma Ida was one of 8 and each of them had large families. 
Grandma has been gone since 2003 - but this family was something she was so proud of!
She would have dearly loved this gathering.
It was fun to hear the families tell childhood stories and how they cared for one another.

More 9 square!
It was a full afternoon of visiting and then clean up - made it home around 6.
We were blessed with some tasty leftovers!