Halloween Night!

We were pretty pumped about Halloween trick or treating this year
because DH came along.
He came a couple times when the boys were very young, but had not joined for a few years!

My super cute but still tough IRON MAN

My IRONMAN even holds doors open for the ladies.

HAHAHA, seriously cousin Allie got Joe good.  ME too, not gonna lie.

My Uncle John loves trick or treaters.

And our library was giving out free books, score.
This took us right down town during trick or treat
and apparently DH had no idea what it meant to go door-to-door trick
or treating.  I was ROFL at him  - he could not figure out why
so many people were out on the city streets.  I grew up with that 
and it was fun explaining it to him...

Our 2nd to last stop was at grandma's house - she had homemade cinnamon rolls,
beat that!

Sam went dressed as Steph Curry

Lane and Anniston stopped by too, we were happy to see them!

We ended the night at Will and Jill's where he gave me a shot
for some planter faciaitis I have struggled with for over a year now...
is better so far, even got in a workout video today!

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