Our place to recharge!

We did a little bedroom update
I love it.

And I did not leave town.  This is not the first time I have done this.
I had been thinking about painting this blah brown wall.

So off to our local hardware store for paint
a bedspread and $10 lamp from our local dollar store (my walmart)
was all we needed, the rest was moved around the house!.

And I CANNOT for the life of me decide what to put above my bed.
Seriously, you'll see, the after still doesn't have anything...yet!

Still love our furniture that we purchased at a relief auction where profits went
to needy healthcare situations in our county.  So mainly I just wanted to paint...
I saw something that made me think of navy -didn't want to take the time to paint the whole room.
Bless DH's heart because me wanting to paint means him painting. 
He came home from a day at the farm and had it painted before bed.  Love his willing heart.

  I kept all these treasures painted the G and the frame on the birds navy to update!

And the IPhone afters,
I am pretty pleased.  

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