Simple Silly Snowman

Joe is my craft loving, ever asking to do the next one.
This was Sam a couple of years ago, never thought Joe would catch the fever but he has, 
speaks my language, love that!
He asked to make paper plate snowmen and I could not have 
been happier to oblige!
He told me we would need 3 plates each and asked me to help him make them the right size,
so I drew a  rough circle on each one let them go to town

We grabbed some mismatched socks from the rag bag to make
the scarfs and hats...

And some buttons from my mama's collection

The toe of the sock was the perfect size for the hat

I loved their imaginations on the faces.  Sam's coal mouth was so cute
And sam had gotten these wacky bendable sticks in a present from school
so we used those for our arms.
We tacked everything together with glue dots for simplicty!