Epic Cheerleader Battle.

Tonight was a big game for the Lions they played their rival Barr Reeve.
It's always a battle, no matter how talented the teams are...and tonight
was no exception!  We  usually stay at home when the game is at BR because the gym is small and the boys lose interest...but Miss Mo, our big senior cheerleader called to make sure we were going.
We just had to be there, it was going to be the epic battle of the cheerleaders.
Ok, we were in, we could not afford to miss that!
This LHS students wore royal blue because of winning the state championship
last year, it was cute.

And we did catch a great cheerleader show, both squads had great tumblers and I'm a little bias, but I think the Lion cheerleaders had stronger pyramids!

This sequence is a cute mount/dismount they use during starting lineups

She is so goofy! Love her

FAN club representing for a free throw...
there was a basketball game going on you know, ha!

We love our cheerleader!

Ha, ha I posted without telling you the outcome...Lions won, defending the state title...50-47, it
was a nail-biter, just like always!