Autumn Oceanside: Day1

Our days are much the same at the condo...walks on the beach, swims in the ocean, 
shell seeking, sandcastle building, book reading, lazy river floating, lunch on the balcony, afternoons
by the pool, sun seeking, enjoying the breeze, evening dinners, movie nights...

We were surprised that the ocean is still very warm.  We have spent a lot of time surfing here!

We built an oceanside race track

We ate at Floyd's because Daddy loves the shrimp and the boys love the playground in the sand
our and the boys meals come in a frisbee (a big deal for Joey D)

Our Indiana shirt generated a lot of comments.
We met folks from Henderson KY and our cashier's parents graduated from Purdue.

We tried a new place for Snowcones...
Snoballs and it was HIT with these boys!