Traveling Van

Joe and  I decided to make a last minute craft on Friday before we headed south.
Sam was at school and we were done packing...so we made a traveling van for them to visualize our trip!
I'm not sure of the original place I saw this idea, it has been sometime since I saw it...if I saw it on Pinterest I did not pin it! 
I drew a "van" ha...and Joe colored and decorated it for me 
and then he cut it out

We used duct tape on the back to make a "slide" wide enough for a strand of ribbon

We tacked the ribbon to the ceiling of the van between Sam and Joe's seats.
6 hearts along the way marked the major cities we would travel thru.
(not stop of course, we travel with a man who has a need to roll in 3 minutes faster than last year...ha ha)

As we entered the cities we moved our van...it did work well.  And we made it half way across before they were asleep (travelling at night) on the way down.  But we moved the van in reverse for the way home, and it was very popular for our day trip!!
Made our 11 hour drive fly right by!