Afternoon Off!!!

We make the most of the afternoon's I have off!
We really enjoyed the last of the warm weather this week.
My mom always called that Indian Summer and 
it reminded me why she never put our summer clothes away until after 
it passed!
  The boys wore shorts 3 days this week
and we went to the park after school to soak up the warm weather!

We stopped by the pop machine and got 
DH a real mountain dew.
He switched to diet pop one year ago the 23rd...
and he said he would try one a year later if he made it.
He didn't mention it all day but we wanted to 
surprise him!

The boys were DIRTY from the park so we
took a long bath and put on our jammies before supper...
Plus we made homemade mini pizzas, one of DH's favorites!

And I tried a new receipe  for BLT pizza's.  
Didn't compare to Pizza Junction's but was still good!