Football and ZooBoo!

I took the whole week off work
(with the exception of Wednesday because I had an important manager
meeting for WB)
with the intention of doing nothing after we returned from the condo...
but after 2 quick phone calls we had ourselves a fun full weekend planned!
Our first stop was to see The Smiths' in Greenwood.
(more pics to come)
We went to our first high school football game
 at Center Grove.
They know how to put on a show...wow.
There were a bazillion cheerleaders 3 squads plus a dance team
 80 football players and a whole production for half time from the band and flag team.
Seriously, Matt said it best when he said sensory overload.
I would venture to say it was more entertaining than a Colts game.
Oh and there was football too, LOL!

And today we met The Eashs' at ZooBoo
for an action packed day.
It was a ton of fun.
The Indy Zoo is super nice with much to do and quality exhibits!

I was super lucky to snuggle Mr Evan for most of the day, Sam loved it!
We watched and Elephant bath

and touched it afterward

Hay mazes set up for Zoo Boo

This man kept his map handy at all times

Racing the cheetah

We brought our cape and mask so that we could do a little trick or treating!

Sam 6 Joe 5 and Eli 3..last time we were at this train with Toni Sam was a baby boy!

Love them!

I feel so blessed to have such good friends.  We put this all together last minute, and I could not be more exhausted, but fulfilled tonight! Toni and Katie are a couple of my besties.  I love seeing them, developing those friendships that God gave me while at Butler, seeing our kids play together.  Being with them, makes me a better mom and a better friend.  So thankful for time to nurture important relationships