Learning Irregular Plurals!!

This was the first time we have seen a paper like this.
To say I was surprised would be and understatement, but
what was worse was that it really bothered Sam.
What was the issue?  Irregular plurals.
Sam said...I heard Mrs. Wagler but it just didn't go in my head.  
Bless his heart!
So we got to work, making folding flash cards
and practicing sentences with multiple choice

And was I ever proud and relieved when this came home the next day!
And the point he missed was punctuation, not even plurals!

So we shall remember that it is up to 
the men and women to sit down with our children
and talk to them about their teeth and feet and pet geese and mice!

Seriously, the English language! Poor boys are 
going to wish they could have stuck to Spanish! ha ha!