Autumn Oceanside:Day 3

We chose to take Sam out of school to go on this trip, a decision we did not take lightly
but now do not regret either.  There is so much to learn from travel and family time.
We did do his homework and kept up with his reading (at least 20 min per day).
We took time to play frosted flake hoops

And spent hours trying to catch fish.
Our new purchase this trip was little fishing nets for the boys
and they provided hours of fun..scoop at the water, chase, scoop, giggle, and scoop again
I admit it was funny and DH and I tried our best to catch those slippery fast fish.
Joe is coming at me in the picture below say...
I'm gonna catch those fish with "my bare hands"

Sam spent much of his days like this, head down, goggles on exploring the world of fish, crabs, sand and seaweed below

We were super proud of the shells we dug out of the top layer of sand...especially this pretty one...until he pinched us!

Floating in the lazy river and crossing the cargo net

Tosses by daddy

And one last evening on the beach.  I perfect time for pretty pics, but my boys were more in
a warrior crazy kind of mood...and I was way to relaxed to care to argue.
But we did thoroughly take in the sunset while we waited on our table at our favorite
local place...Pompano Joe's.
We ate seafood all 3 nights this time, we all love it...but often when we travel someone we love doesn't care for seafood so we go other places then.  DH treated me to lobster and I was in heaven!

Our trip was short but sweet and full of precious family memories.
Everytime we visit this place it feels like home away from home.
Looking forward to returning again soon!