Personal Touches!

We added a couple personal touches to the reception...
the cake table was my mama's table.
I remember it being in the living room under our TV most of the time.
It has two functional fold down leaves.
DH and I used it as a two person breakfast table when we lived in Indy.
But since then, it has needed some loving and a new life!
It was a just stained brown before. DH sprayed it white and distressed it lightly
and it turned out perfect!

And the corner faux fireplace was Chris's mom's. 
 In it's former life it was the top of a large desk unit...
DH gave it a coat of white paint and distressed it as well.
We also loved how it turned out.
The vision came together great!

We also borrowed a couple white chairs for the head table to tie it all together!

I brought in my area rugs from home to ground both spaces.
We used the letters we found on our day shopping for Blake's wedding dress,
a borrowed coffee filter wreath,
many items that I had around home (or gave a new life with gold spray paint)
and a card basket from Noah's mom.

We added a couple spotlights and this area was a hit!

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