Sam's 3rd Grade Season

Sam's 3rd grade basketball season ended strong as well!
DH and I split duties a couple of days to see both boys.
Sam played at the high school home games several times.
He loved getting onto the big court.
Jack Butcher Arena.

The boys one a tournament at BNL (this was the day we went dress shopping for BMW)

 I was proud of DH taking pics on his cell phone for me, thanks DH!
 And they won the Washington Hatchet tournament.  This was a hard fought battle, Drew and Brandon were playing with the fourth grade, so we were proud of these teammates!
 Sam loves basketball. He loves practice, loves teammates. Is always ready to practice at Jeff's on Wednesdays, never complains.  I love his spirit.
He says maybe he can be and NBA player one day.
Sure thing, buddy!
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