French Lick Staycation

Talk about photo overload...it's my blog and I post like I want to!
I love this family, I really do.
We are parenting in the thick of it through some tough times
and kids are so very resilient and amazing
and I am proud these people are mine.
 We decided to spend the night at French Lick.
 A definite on my bucket list and it did not disappoint.
The fact that this place is so close to our home and is so full of rich history that has been restored
is simply breathtaking and amazing to me.
They boys were so full of energy and ready to explore it all as well!
The boys were at a birthday party for laser tag when we go to French Lick so I enjoyed
some time on the porch reading about 5 Love Languages for Kids (a reread, great one)

We have driven by and walked around many times before so the boys were excited to be staying!

We checked out the KIDS FEST area, super neat and the kids race was cancelled due to rain
but we got free tshirts and a list of activities for the day

 They were in awe.

View from our room

A few of our favorites usually make the trip

Joe, Bunny and JoJo

Sam, Fluffsters and Curry

The indoor pool is amazing but it was a sauna in there and super crowded

So we headed to the heated outdoor pool on this misty day.
The air outside was warm and there many folks outside in the misty rain!

Joe running on water (wink)

We jam packed these two days and my heart is so full looking at these pics again!
The boys enjoyed afternoon ice cream

And some bowling, Sam won both games but not by much!

We stretched $5 in the arcade with several games of air hockey!

The hotel offered just the right amount of charm and historic touches
while tons of activities to entertain the kiddos.

We had dinner at Hagen's golf course, saw a buddy of ours, the chef, who gave us a discount on dinner!  And then returned back to the hotel to find kids fest full of free activites.  The kids played some Lego Batman on these large screens, played tag on the blow ups with other kids and lastly shot some hoops~

There was more...
free smores by the pool and then movie night..Millon Dollar Arm

We finally headed to get some rest and woke up to a yummy breakfast buffet.
Sam ate his weight in bacon.
We enjoyed a morning trolley ride to West Baden Springs Hotel

I set the boys each on an adventure to capture their favorite sites with the camera.
I loved seeing the place thru their lens!

Sam said we needed this for Blake's wedding.

And wanted to get me Starbucks.

Look at this one that Joe captured.

That little overnight was just what we needed to make this Spring Break one to remember!
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