Did you know my niece is getting married?
Yes, she has found the love of her life.
And she is blogging about it!
I may be buried up to my ears in wedding stuff
but I wouldn't want it any other way!
The engagement came as a surprise on Dec 24
and the whirlwind began in January when the couple
decided that simple and soon was their style.
April 18. Yep 2015.  
Of course we can make it happen!
We checked out the church with Pastor Greg and Theresa
and they had some items that we could put to great use!

Soon we had bridal invites picked out and ordered!

A shopping trip with the girls and we found these marquee lights

Said yes to the dress

 And no to the thug life groom hat

 And the basment became a spray paint/glitter station.
DH said I fumed them out a couple times
 Shower and Head table Centerpieces!

Lots of Pinterest and online shopping

Yep that's my basement. Yep, love it.

Met my bestie Toni in Bloomington to snag some of her decor from her sister's shower!

Wedding party decorating night.

It did fine getting the flowers done and the centerpieces for the tables
and the back drop, fireplace gift area, cake table plans, head table set up
church plans and then I started the last project...see below!

And then I started the coffee filter project.

I'll end on a good note though...Blake loves her mason jar centerpieces
that is all that matters!

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blake walker said...

Lol!! You're the best!