The Flowers: Forever Callahan

I LOVED making the flowers for my niece's wedding.
We pinned so many ideas and she was so sweet to just leave me to it.
She wanted mostly white with some navy and gold for her bouquet.
The bridesmaids all white with navy ribbon.
After she selected her dress and it was ivory,
we shifted the flowers to reflect this as well!
Some of the ideas we pinned contained broaches and I thought it would 
be neat to incorporate something from her grandma's.
I'll have to get a better picture soon.
Her mama found some of her grandma's earrings that were perfect
and we used one of my mom's pendants.

Best Grandma charm that Blake gave her Grandma Linda (with some help from mom and dad)
Blake's Grandma Linda died when Blake was four.

And an perfect shiny earring from her Grandma Anna Lou who died earlier this year.

Blake's special charms on the stem.

And a special charm for sister and BFF.

Here is the water pitcher transformation...
From 70's to


During this time we were going wedding dress shopping and then doing dress fittings.
Fun times, but we had to keep those pics a secret until now!!

Noah's mom had these mason jars on hand and we also glammed them up!
First painted gold, then glittered galore

I also finished them off with a spray modge podge sealer.

 There was flowers needed for the groom (he got a special basketball on his boutonniere), groomsmen and ushers, bridesmaids (who got sister and best friend charms), moms and dads,
 pastors, cake gals, J-Bird, personal attendants. 

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