Night of NBA

We surprised took the boys to see an NBA game in February!
DH and I thought it was a surprise, but leave it to the cloud to ruin that!
The boys got an update on their IPADs that told them it was in my calendar!
Oh well, they played along, and I still don't think Sam knew we were watching his favorite team
the Golden State Warriors.  He has taken to that team this year because his favorite NBA player, Stephen Curry plays for them.  Unfortunately, Curry did not play due to injury.  But, Sam loved watching Clay Thompson instead. Joe loves the Pacers and being a part of the action.
We started the day at Greenwood Mall and enjoyed Cheesecake Factory.
We headed to Barnes and Noble,too because the boys LOVE bookstores.
We even did a snow day assignment that Sam's teacher had given him.

We got to the game early enough to take a couple laps right down on the court.
Our seats were a little higher than our last trip to see the Pacers.  

Sam's selfie.  Love it.

Joe's selfie, so stinking cute.

What a great night, we drove up and back in the same day so it was a quiet ride home. 
Some super sleepy boys.

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blake walker said...

Glad you guys had fun!!