More Signs of Spring!

We celebrated last week during the boys Spring Break.
Joey D and DH were still recovering from Influenza so MTW while I worked they did half days 
and rested in the afternoon.
By Thursday we were ready for some fun...after Joe's baseball practice was cut short due to rain/storm, we headed to celebrate Bo-Macs opening day with our favorite car hop.

 We had some friendly soccer competition in the driveway.

And we dyed Easter eggs in our Christmas jammies because we make our own rules.

 Some blue dye ran onto Joe's egg in the shape of a perfect cross.
We discussed that for awhile!

This year we used these plastic dyeable eggs and they worked fine...bonus for the boys...
they want to keep them and I don't have a reason to say no, ha!

I also took the boys to Just a Trace in Jasper, Joe chose a plexus ball and Sam chose this Smart Robot.
DH was super excited that I brought home something to build :)

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