Great February Snow Days

February brought our first big snow.
There is just something about frolicking in the white stuff that brings much joy.
Breathing in the cool air and hearing the squeals of the boys brought restoration to my soul after a tough week. 

It reminded me of their innocence.
And seeing their smiles reminded me of God's promises for restoration.
We spent much needed family bonding time this week.

He watched TV like this for a long time.

Soaked up lots of loving!

He played IPAD and built legos and played superheros with brother

We baked treats

Made shakes

Shot Indoor baskets

Did some more indoor crafts and Joe drew me a lovely family.
Outside our basement door.

I might as well show you what I discovered right outside our basement door (the basement without a bathroom) and there are not any animals tracks upto that yellow snow.
Yep, my lovely 9 year old was too lazy to walk upstairs...yuck!

All snuggled in bed in that quilt his great grandma made for his daddy and I.

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