The Church Decor: Forever Callahan

 Blake and Noah's church has natural beauty.
They also have memories there, seeing each other the morning after
their first date - almost one year ago!
We rented a gold arch to add a focal point up front.
I love the way it framed them for the unity candle.

The table sits in the church and was special to them
so they wanted to use it for the unity candle.
They also chose to do communion so it held the bread and wine.

A little funny, when I went in the church Saturday morning to put the baby's breath out
I couldn't find the lights.  There was no one around, so I put the baby's breath out in the dark.
Up and down the aisles and around the candle from the light from my phone.
I decided it was better...no stressing that way, ha.  I did take a picture of the candle to make sure it was fairly even!

 A sweet slide show played while guests were being seated.
Much of the greenery was already there, Chris bought real ferns for the arch area.
Oh, but, I must mention that even though all of this was perfectly great with Miss Blake,
she noticed that the tiny bow on the wreath was not changed to navy...you better believe we whipped up a new navy bow for that wreath!!!  

The entry way was also very pretty!

Noah's mom decorated the wagon for her grandson LJ to ride in down the aisle.
It was perfect!

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blake walker said...

It was perfect because you're amazing!!!