Forever Callahan: The Planning

The planning was fast and efficient, no time for second guessing.
Blake and Noah were engaged on 12/24/14
and sometime in mid January 
they decided that 4 months later, 4/18/15,
would be their forever together date!
Of course, we wanted it to all be perfect...
but we found it important to find a balance 
between obsessing over the details 
staying in a reasonable budget (can't get the thrifty out of us)
and realizing that it was more about the 
marriage and less about the event!
The focus of the day was to be God and Blake and Noah.
Here is some of the fun we had planning the wedding, finding ways to DIY,
reuse and remake items for a navy and gold classy wedding!

Blake chose tulle for the pews tied with a navy ribbon with baby's breath tucked inside.
We purchased tulle in bulk and cut it to lengths.
I practiced at home below

But Noah's mom, Lois, worked her magic and they looked even better in the church.

The week Blake decided to get married, but cousin Jonna sent me this pic
and said she thought my mom had made this for her mom years ago...
Did I want it back?  Yes, sure!
The markings on it didn't match my mom's initials, but either way, I 
came to realize that mom would want it used for the wedding so and update was in order...

Pretty much if it sat still at my house for the beginning of February, it got spray painted gold!
I fumed the boys out a few times upstairs. 
We glittered and glammed up many items!

We used it here at the guest book table.

Blake's church had many of these available and we were determined to use them!

We found this inspiration photo...

And they were perfect sprinkled with sequins
with baby's breath tucked inside...
we used them on 1/2 the reception tables
and at the bride and groom's seat.

We made those tall vase toppers with a whole lotta hands!
I spent several hours dyeing coffee filters navy blue (all shades of blue, ha)
and drying them in the oven about 2 weeks before the wedding.
Blake's mom, aunts and cousins and BFF came out to help make the "coffee filter topiaries"
We found a faster version a couple nights later when Noah's mom joined the fun!
We made 11 of these in all, they made a neat statement across the reception.

Blake's friends were great, they helped one evening, cutting table runners...

And snipped flowers for vases.

My cousin Jess made a couple of signs for us..when this one showed up
at my work, Blake's mama and I were ecstatic...so cute, Noah chose the saying!
Jess is so talented, love her work!!

More DIY to come!!

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