Week one of the wedding planning we were given these sweet gems...
flower bows.
Oh, you didn't know they made flower bows?!?
We didn't either, but we were determined to find a use for them!
Early on, during my 'spray paint it if it doesn't move' phase,
I put a little gold paint on these and we liked them even more.

And using some inspirations from pinterest I came up with...

but needed some help putting it all together...

In came the fam and the BFF...

For specs we used 12 - 11 ft of tuelle (with 1 ft of fold over the top and tied with a small piece of tulle) this tulle was folded in half...
{in hinds sight we could have gone shorter in length and had to cut it down on site}
with 5 cream colored ribbon strands with bows glued at even spacing
3 strands of white Christmas lights.
Love how it turned out over all!

 Lost sight of getting all the pics I wanted...best pic I have of it lit up!
It really turned out nice with the navy tissue paper poofs as an accent.

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