Tickle Fight

We have this routine
that we call tickle fight.
I always win.
Mama wins every.single.night.
because I won't let these boys of mine
go to bed without a kiss.
And that is what is is about for me.
Getting that kiss.
It takes chasing, and playing hide and seek,
and squeals and lots of tickles and usually a trick or two to 
get just close enough to plant a big kiss on their cheek.
I take turns with who is first.  Joe is usually on my back
while I tickle fight Sam and Sam is usually giggling
so hard that he toots while I tickle Joe.
And by the time I have them worn down, they are settled in
and ready for a devotion.
And a drink, and a trip to the bathroom, and a drink, you get the picture.
We are working on the last portion of this.
This time is precious.
It is fleeting.
They won't always ask for tickle fight,
for now it is my honor to oblige them.
Every.single.night, especially since I win in the end.

This is what tickle fight looks like,
 a blur of swinging arms and giggles and screams from under the covers.

This devotion was one of my favorites so far.
I really like Jesus Calling for Kids

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