Home made Pizza and Cookie nights!

Sunday night was homemade pizza night - that was a favorite for Sam!
He will eat pizza anytime.

Sam loves anything related to cooking, too.

Joe came to help when I said we would have a cheese only option!

These little crescent roll pizza bites were ah-mazing.

We even got DH to come up from the basement watching sports on a Sunday evening during farming season to join us.

And Sam decided to make his famous chocolate chip cookies.
He is so good at these, needs help with the egg and a little supervision but he follows the receipe
and other instructions and his turn out better than mine.

One time when making them, they tasted great, but were flat as a pancake - DH asked him what happened and Sam said...I lost control of the directions..LOL

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Blake Callahan said...

We'll invite Sam over to make us pizza sometime :)