Fall Break 2015: Our Hot Air Balloon Ride!

We couldn't wait to enjoy a hot air balloon ride at
Conner Prairie!
We had a nervous boy but mama was cool as a cucumber 
and excited for the ride...
they were monitoring the chilly winds closely
and once we were up in the air...mama knew why!
My cool as a cucumber because a smidgen nervous...
two rides after ours, they cancelled for the day for strong winds.
We loved it nonetheless!
 While DH waited in line for us we enjoyed the exhibit around the balloon,
learned it would take 10,000 mylar balloons to lift our family off the ground...
learned about densities of O2, Co2, He and many more!

We met the man that built this game, he was starring at us a lot and finally told me he was watching the machine to make sure it was working correctly - pfew.

 It was finally our turn!
 The view was very cool and we could see downtown for miles!

It was staring to get windy when we were up top, Sam was holding on tight!

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1 comment:

Blake Callahan said...

That looks like so much fun! Way to stay calm lol....now if I could get Noah to do that!