My September Student of the Month

Just so happened that Joe asked to be taken to lunch last Friday.
I was overwhelmed when he jumped in the van.
I knew he was excited and beaming from ear to ear...
but I couldn't understand a word he was saying!

And finally he got it out...he was voted Student of the Month for September!
I think it was a good thing that I was there for lunch, not sure he paid attention to school all morning.
We called daddy and texted Grandma and Blake
he felt better.

We enjoyed a 5 dollar buck lunch , beacuse that is what we call them
I heard all the important details about being student of the month.

Mom and Dad are so very proud of you, one of the things they rated students on this month was
enthusiasm and for certain you have that.  I love your zest for new things and old things alike.
You want to please people but still find a way to stand up for yourself.
I love your wit and charm 
and don't know how you bottle it up all day at school, 
but thankfully you have done well in conduct so far, too.  
I want to bottle up these days when you ask me to go to lunch
and tell me after school that I can ask any questions I want to ask ( and I do).
I love you little man.

And this shirt - he wore it all day Saturday and begged to sleep in it that night, 
woke up on Sunday and told me it surely wasn't dirty.
Yeah, buddy it was dirty.

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Blake Callahan said...

We are proud of you Joe!! We feel privileged that we got to eat lunch with you last Sunday :)