The fun Saturday - by Guatmama

 Last night, we decided to explore our hometown
I made a checklist for the boys and wanted them to end
by blogging their experience, they took to it great!
We picked up Sam after basketball practice
and headed for adventure!

Our stop at Overlook Park was quick, but great.  One of these times we are going to hike all the way down to the river from here!
 But our biggest agenda item was a visit to the Martin Co Museum.
Joe learned about it during a visit from a local historian
and he couldn't wait to visit.
The museum was the old county courthouse,
the courthouse when I was growing up and I remembered being inside very well!

Mr Greene was there and taught us much!

I had to snap a picture of these steps, I climbed then during the elections
 in 199something - 2 maybe?
I worked the election running errands up and down these stairs for the folks counting ballots.
They connected the clerks office to the courtroom upstairs.
This building has much history!

There were many great things to see, didn't want to take pics of exhibits so the flash didn't damage them.
We moved on to Martin State Forrest and the Fire Tower.
Had been high school since I was there, too.

But I remembered the view at the top was very worth it!

It did not disappoint!  Proud of these boys and their adventurous spirit.

And then we took the back roads to Hindostan, a town we learned much about at the museum.
It is hard to believe this was once a large town in Indiana until sickness killed many and forced others to move to safer places...a drought caused stagnate water that transmitted much disease that was being brought in by travelers who came to cross the river here.
We saw model of the mill and plat of the town.
It is fascinating really.

 Because there is nothing left, besides the grist mill rock.  
The falls are so peaceful

The water was moving very fast today, reminded me that there are many currents in these waters.

Was able to snap a few pics of a family who came out to take pics and their photographer
couldn't make it, hope they got a decent picture!
And Joe found a hill to climb during that!

We enjoyed a picnic

We ended the day at the Mr Larkin's birdhouses
what a cool place..
over 3900 birdhouses, you can't believe it until you see it!

He invited us inside, you better believe that the inside is covered with birdhouse, from floor to ceiling!

He gave the boys a mini birdhouse and let them choose a picture...
what a day!

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Blake Callahan said...

Love those boys and their mama! That day looks like loads of fun!