Soccer wrap up⚽️

Last Saturday was our wrap up for the season. The boys loved soccer this year. I wasn't far behind. Is was low key on the competition scale but full of action! Sam had some fun teammates - played a lot of defense and he did good at that!
Last game of the season was VERY cold - he wanted a hat and I wasn't sure he would still wear this one but it was in the back of the van and he was very happy to have it.
My little man was willing to sit with me because we were so cold haha. Now this temperature in the spring we may be running around in shorts lol - it is all about where the temperature has been❄️❄️

And then Joe had a game and DH even left the farm field for part of that one. His team was down to slim pickings by the end of the season but they played with big effort.
I am going to miss that toothless grin 😃

I am proud of these boys willingness to try anything. ⚽️ I am proud that they went to practice and games with no complaint and gave great effort. Team sports arebteaching these boys big lessons.

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Blake Callahan said...

Glad they loved soccer!!