Last Friday night,
we gathered up some country and 
took it to Blake and Noah's house
trying to fall-ify their house as a surprise.
they both came home while we were there, haha.
Joe was a big helper telling me where to find the straw bales at the farm.
And then I cut some corn stalks down and grabbed some pumpkins
from our favorite garden spot.
It started raining so we were glad Blake and Noah were home!

Before and After
and my assistant.

Love them and they loved the surprise

DH was hauling beans to Evansville in the semi so I took the boys
to see Transylvania 2 at the theaters - we loved the movie.
We laughed out loud together and feasted on popcorn!
I have been pop free for about 2 months and I sure missed a little cola with the popcorn, haha!

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Blake Callahan said...

Thank you thank you for decorating!! And your cute little assistant was a plus....glad you 3 had fun at the movies!!