Fall Break 15: Conner Prairie

This was our first year for a full week at fall break!
It was fast and full of fun.
The boys spent the first half with Grandma and DH around the farm while I worked.
They got in a lot of farming and *almost* finished the harvest - enough
that Grandpa let DH leave for a couple of days to enjoy fall break.
From the number of phone calls made home to check on progress
and finding out that grandpa-great ran the tractor/disc, I think DH wishes
this break had come a week later...nonetheless, we loved our time away!

We decided on Conner Prairie, night at a hotel and Children's Museum
Sam recently finished a unit in social studies on Indians that settled in Indiana-
and Joe loves the Ninja Turtles and that just happens to be the exhibit right now!

The weather was picture perfect, sweatshirts  -chilly weather but tons of sunshine.

Our first stop was at the Indian Camp and Sam saw a wigwam.
We just made a replica of this for his diorama - he was loving it.
Note to self-aim for afternoon next trip, lots of school field trips that cleared out by early afternoon.

 Learning about the fur trade and importance of beads for Indians

We explored the WIlliam Conner home, facinating to learn about the first "white man" - I assume
the first man other than Indians in the area.  He was a friend to the Indians and married one, but she later moved West when other settlers moved in - he remarried and built this (still a mansion) for his second wife.  See the round corner on the house - called a beehive oven - fascinating home.

We stopped to have lunch and Sam was at the camera

 We rode a tram to the Civil War camp - watched a short film with lots of action.
I actually did not know the civil war came through Southern Indiana and the Union Army defended our territory and pushed them out into Ohio - or if I knew that I had long since forgotten!

  Our soldiers lined up for battle

 Sam and I moved onto Prairie Town, but Joe was headed to the crafts

Does he look perplexed?  I am beating him, that has never happened.
Probably won't happen again.
This was early on in the game.

We took a turn dipping a candle.

 Sam asked to go back to the Indian village again, it was a good call.
There was barely anyone there and we were able to explore more.
We had the wigwam to ourselves

Old time stamp press

 Making and testing paper airplanes.

Someone is a kid at heart....

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It looks like you had so much fun!