The fun Saturday -by Sam

Posted by Samuel Graber
On Saturday,me and joe had a fun Saturday because we went to see the White River.We had a good view and a good picture place.

 We also went to the Martin County Historical Museum.Inside it was a really old typewritter.We also got a stamp or a symbol on a paper.

 The next thing we did was go to the fire tower.We went to the top of the tower.We also got a good view at the top of the tower.That is why we got alot of pictures that time.

 We went to Hindostan Falls for a picnic.We saw the water that was a good view still.At the museum a guy told us that there was a big house or barn on it.We saw the holes that it standed on.We also tryed to get up a hill but I couldn't.

The crazy thing was that we saw a pig in a basketball court.It was so crazy,that we took a picture of it.
The last thing we did was that we went to a bird house place owned by a guy who built everything.We were thinking of taking Isa and Kia there and having a scavenger hunt.I can't wait!

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Blake Callahan said...

I love this idea! Sam it looks like you had a really fun Saturday!