My Farmer. My Valentine

Our February was full of basketball 
we would not have it any other way.
{It's March now and our boys' basketball is over
and I already miss the runs to practice.}

It will soon be time for baseball practice runs
and then the nights at the baseball fields.

This might be my favorite season in our lives.
And this guy is the one I am glad I get to share it with.

There was no official Valentine's celebration this year...
we might have been a a basketball tournament.
But, there was time to snap a picture before church the next day.
Isn't Mr. Joe good behind the camera?

DH gets annoyed when he turns the camera, I think it is dear.

I love this guy of mine.
But, a reminder like this is always needed.
And, that he extends me the same grace is even better.

And winter is the time that I can con him into a few around the house projects...
or send him a note while I am at work that reads like this...

And he responds with
And then this message came seriously made my day at work
He bought me crates at the antique sale!!
And he paid more than I would have but he did that because he knew I really wanted them.  And I'm secretly glad he did that... Told him it would get him brownie points for quite some time.

Then, he topped that- 
He made me a crate from palettes from the farm 
Look at this beauty...

This was my project 

I am super pumped about how they look!  
that he still does small things like this for me.
My valentine for 22 years.  

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